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I’ve been so friggin busy all day shooting my short film that I didn’t even get a chance to post this video on Tumblr yet. It’s pretty much everywhere else at this point, but what the hey. I’ll post it here, too, in case some of you tumblrers haven’t seen it yet.

Now my face is wet.

I somehow wouldn’t expect anything less epic from Craig…and yet still…I am astounded…and SO HAPPY.

EPIC. (I kind of knew this was going to happen, but I had no idea it would be so epic.)



I need you to protect me. Can you do that?

Fine, fandom. You don’t want to gif Mako and Stacker? I’ll fucking gif Mako and Stacker, because if there was ever a relationship that carried the emotional impact of a film, it’s fucking this one. Without a doubt, we saw their relationship from start to finish and it was complete with a role reversal. Stacker protected Mako in Tokyo, and now she’s protecting him on Operation Pitfall. And this scene is just my absolute favorite because Stacker’s a soldier from top to bottom, but here we genuinely see the father that he’s become to Mako and the person she looks up to and the one she gets her strength and drive from. And without words, although the words hurt just as much, they managed to destroy me emotionally with this small gesture, a you-blink-and-you-miss-it moment: Stacker saying to Mako, “Hey. [We’ve got a job to do, let’s go do it.]” A subtle tipping of her chin; a quick, inconsequential shrug of his shoulders, and immediately Mako straightens, squares her shoulders, taking his strength as hers and they’re ready. They’re ready to save the world together. In Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero, Stacker comments that young Mako reminded him of himself; “Quiet, serious.” Based on this, I feel like their relationship is significantly based on their body language, and how they conduct themselves around each other. There were just volumes that were spoken about their relationship in this one scene and this one moment that it made seeing it in theaters 8 times in theaters worth it.

#oh god #the way they have their own quiet physical language because neither of them use words unless necessary #she’ll gesture to her nose to warn him his is bleeding #and he can square his shoulders and immediately she switches back from private/emotional mode to lady sword soldier mode #private little reminders and ways of speaking to each other #i just #asdfghj